Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dulag, Leyte: The Place Where My Heart Belongs

I have traveled a lot in twenty-seven years and have settled in many different places but nothing will ever be called home other than Dulag, Leyte.

Tricycle loaded with milled rice grains traversing the Maharlika Road in Dulag.

I spent only a few years of my life in Dulag. I was born in Leyte but a few hours away from Dulag, in Leyte's capital, Tacloban City but most, if not my entire childhood was spent in Dulag. 

My cousin Christina, frolicking at the beach in Dulag.

I went to primary school in Special Education Center in Dulag. Although I left Dulag to study High School, my family and I still made it a point to go to Dulag on the weekends. And during summers when school is at a temporary halt, I spend it running around in the farm, bathing at the nearby river, or the beach which was just a few minutes from our home. I enjoyed every minute of it!

My feet in the sand at the beach.

I have left Dulag many times, but still I long for the "Tabo" (Market Day) on Thursdays where my grandmother and I would buy the freshest fruits, vegetables and meat at the market, plus a few local pastries that would last me until the next Thursday. I still long for the rainy days when my mother would make "Tsokolate" (native hot chocolate), made from pure roasted and ground cocoa seeds, which my grandmother makes. And the fact that this drink is mixed with coconut milk, makes it taste creamier and more special. These simple things make me want to go back to Dulag. 

Dulag marketplace during "Tabo"

Most of my relatives also live and work in other places, but we'd usually go to Dulag on National Holidays, which makes home-coming the highlight of the entire year for the whole family. And then we all relive the times we were there.

The sign that meets everyone who enters the town.

So no matter where I am and will be in the future. I will always find my way back to the place I call home --Dulag Leyte. 

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